Online Relationships That Last

iStock_18257198_XLARGE.jpgWhen it comes to human relations, technology has created a new environment. Remember the days when socializing meant going to the arcade or chatting with friends after Sunday service? School recess, parks, and strolls down the beach forced face-to-face contact. Social media created a world where although more people are connected, they’re also losing the human aspect of relationships. Many feel technology is making us colder, desensitized, and distant. But is that it? Are we just drowning in technological progress and losing out big time?

In his blog “6 Tips for Introverts Who Hate Social Media,” Darrel Girardier shares some advantages to connecting through technology.

He says, “[I’ve] come to realize that social media and introverts are a pretty good match. One of the beauties of the vastness of the Internet is that if you love something weird or offbeat, you can probably find a group of people who are just like you.” That really got me thinking.

I’ve known Amy for about ten years. We stumbled upon each other on a Christian inspirational forum. Amy was humble and friendly and we clicked immediately. We found out we lived in the same state, just opposite coasts. We prayed for each other, encouraged one another, and kept in touch throughout the years, forming an everlasting bond. Read More Here…


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