The Queen of Hearts

My love for writing has always been accompanied by a passion for drawing. While writing has always come easily to me, I definitely have to work harder at any type of artwork and often end up abandoning any art project I take on.

Like this one.


Ah, yes, I had high hopes for Miss Queen of Hearts. In my head, she had it going on. Deep, soulful stare; quirky clothes; and of course amazing details that accompanied the whole ‘off with their heads’ theme. But sadly, what turned up on the canvas was a bit (ok, a lot) downgraded than my expectations. My lack of knowledge in using the right paint, shading, layering, and proportion, turns most of my projects into something a little kid would make. Still, ‘my girl’, as I call her, sat in the art room of our old house for months, staring at me with those beady eyes, an accusatory stare every time I walked in the room. Are you going to finish me? she asked, maybe hoping that I could embellish the poor excuse of a canvas I’d given her as a home. Yes, yes, I would think. I’ll get to it one of these days.

But I never did.

And then we sold our home and prepared to move. She ended up in a trash bag destined to be picked up by the garbage man the next morning. Meanwhile, I boxed up everything else in the art room. My endless supply of oil paints, stencils, brushes, stamps, and everything I could use to make another Queen of Hearts. Maybe the next one who would sit proudly in my next art room. As I taped all the boxes, my eyes fell on the plastic bag, a hint of sadness stabbing my heart. She was in there. The girl who was nothing like I wanted her to be, but that seemed cute and quirky and childish in so many ways.

So I fished her out of the bag and put her at the bottom of another box, telling myself I’d figure out what to do with her once we moved. And when she showed up again, weeks later, while opening many moving boxes. [Continue Reading Here…]