My Daily Beauty Routine: Favorite Skin Face Care Products

7616979454_1707eb5f9b_bSince we’re in the process of selling our home, the house is in constant “hide the junk into cabinets and drawers” mode. This caused me to go through all the cabinets again and de-clutter, bringing something to my attention. I didn’t realize until now just how many hair and skin products I’ve accumulated, some used, many left aside.  I’ve gone through several beauty products over the years. Anything from drug store cheapies to more expensive products referred by friends. I’ve finally found products that work for me and have become an essential item in my daily beauty routine. Often I get asked what products I use, and am told that I look a lot younger than thirty-two (if you are one of those people who’s told me that, I LOVE YOU!)

I decided to share a list of my skin products for anyone who’s trying to figure out which items on the market are worth the money (some can get quite pricey), while others have left me displeased.

Before anything else, and perhaps my favorite beauty routine, I focus on skin care. I have to attribute my youthful look to some pretty awesome genes (thank you, Mom and Dad). But one thing I NEVER skip is a good skin care routine. It’s incredibly important to establish good skin habits when you’re young. What’s the point of caring for your skin, using anti-aging products, shielding yourself from the sun, when you’ve already developed some nasty wrinkle lines? Good habits and consistent skin care must start early. Prevention is key to aging.

This is my routing: I wash my face in the morning, apply my serum and anti aging products and apply make up. At night, I exfoliate, apply the second round of skin products and that’s it. I have four staple items that keep my skin happy and clean.  It’s worth mentioning that I have combination skin.

Face Wash:


This is one example where I’ve tried so many products and only found one to be the most effective. Clean & Clear Deep Action Cream Cleanser (oil-free) is the one I use morning and night.  It is light and creamy, making my skin feel super clean. I find that this product works very well with my daily exfoliating routine. And yes, I am a firm believer in exfoliating daily. My esthetician explains that it’s totally fine to do so. Did you know that one of the reasons men’s faces show less signs of aging is because they constantly exfoliate while shaving? And most of them shave A LOT. Because of my daily exfoliating with a simple washcloth (I apply cleanser, leather, and then use a washcloth to exfoliate), I had to switch from the Clean & Clear cleanser that contained exfoliating beads. The beads, used together with the washcloth, were too abrasive on my skin– resulting in over-exfoliation. Best part of this product? It’s cheap (around $4.50), and I can buy it everywhere. In comparison, prior to switching to Clean & Clear I tried Renée Rouleau Luxe Mint Cleansing Gel ($36.50) After using this cleanser for a couple of months, I noticed it over-dried my skin and the scent was WAY too strong, making my face tingly (not in a good way). I hated spending such a high price for a product that ultimately I couldn’t use.

Eye Cream:


For about six months to a year, I used the Lancome skin care line. I switched around four months ago, when I started getting regular facials again and consulted my dermatologist and esthetician. I wasn’t unhappy with the Lancome skin line, but I also didn’t find any changes in my skin, noticing very little improvement over the course of several months. My dermatologist’s office has a medical spa on site, and after speaking to her about my current skin care, she suggested I use something stronger and better suited for my skin type, age group, and ultimate goal (and let’s be honest.—every woman’s goal is to delay aging and look youthful). This is when I was introduced to SkinCeuticals A.G.E Eye Complex. Initially offered a sample that lasted a good month, I recognized its quality from the second application. It’s a light cream applied under your eyes and around the brow bone. It contains blueberry extract and it prevents the formation of advanced glycation end-products (A.G.E.s) that cause wrinkles and crow’s feet. It is specialized to reduce dark circles and bags, and it provides anti-aging benefits. Now that I’ve been using this product for a while, I can see the skin around my eyes as plumper, brighter, and soft to the touch. The price of SkinCeuticals A.G.E Eye Complex at my dermatologist’s office is around $70. Although it comes in a small jar, it is expected to last a long time. In fact, I only apply such a small amount of products (a little goes a long way!) that I foresee having enough for 4-6 months.

Vitamin C Serum:

My dermatologist explained it is so important to use a quality Vitamin C product. Vitamin C protects the skin from free radicals, delays aging, and it builds collagen to aid cell turnover. The one product she recommended and that I use every morning is the Obagi Professional-C Serum (around $70; again, it lasts a long time. You only need two to three drops). I use 10%, the lowest dosage, and I plan to increase dosage when this is done. I love this product because I can really feel it soaking into my skin. The first month of usage it caused some tingling and burning sensation. The product label will tell you this is normal and in time it should go away. It did for me. Since I’ve been using Obagi Professional-C Serum my make up application has been so much smoother and my skin is clear and overall nicer.  [CLICK HERE TO READ MORE]



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